4Media DVD To iPod Converter For Mac Review

I have been a longtime user of iMacs and all things Apple. Yes, I am a shameless fan and I don’t mind saying it. So imagine my frustration if software and games that I am searching for are not catered to the needs of Mac users. DVD ripping software is not an exception. Most DVD ripping software available in the market is not made to be compatible for Macs.

Luckily, a newsletter was sent to me via email, offering me a free trial download of 4Media DVD To iPod Converter For Mac. This software, as I later found out, was created specially for Mac users like me! 4Media DVD To iPod Converter For Mac lets me convert DVD files to formats that are easily understood by iPods so that I can watch my favorite TV series and box office hits on my trusty iPod!

Whether it’s an iPod Classic, iPod Nano or iPod Touch, it doesn’t matter which iPod I own because 4Media DVD To iPod Converter For Mac can convert DVD files to be compatible with all these devices at a great resolution of 640 x 480. DVD files can also be ripped to audio formats such as M4A, AAC and MP3.

4Media DVD To iPod Converter For Mac is a great toolkit that not only converts files minus frustrating hassles, it also converts files at blazingly fast speed! It supports Apple G5 processor but whatever your Mac system is, you will be assured of 200% conversion speed, faster than any software I’ve seen! Another great feature I love about 4Media DVD To iPod Converter For Mac is that this nifty software lets me split heavy files and separate them to fit inside my iPod. How cool is that?

Priced at 29.00 USD, I would recommend this product strongly for any Mac user and rate it at 9 out of 10 on my rating scale.

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