4Media iPod Video Converter for Mac Review

iPod Video Converter for Mac by 4MediaOwning an iPod, which is capable of playing videos generally requires you to get a converter for your video files so that you can view them on your iPod. One such converter which can make any Mac user happy is 4Media iPod Video Converter for Mac. This powerful video converter is specially designed to work with the Mac OS and allows you to rip your favorite videos to your iPod for viewing.

The 4Media iPod Video Converter for Mac has uniquely simple interface which allows users to convert files with extreme ease. With supported input file types including WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI, MP4, VOB, AAC, AC3; the software can convert a wide range of videos so that they can be run on your iPod. The software also gives you full control over the properties of the output file such as video size and resolution etc.

Performance wise, the 4Media iPod Video Converter for Mac is most definitely one of the few video converters that can actually utilize the true potential of the variety of new dual core processors which are released by Intel and AMD.

Utilizing these optimizations for the processors, an approximately 200% increase in the performance can be observed as compared to other un-optimized softwares.

With these host of features packed in a single package that can be used with great ease, and all at a price of just $29, you cannot expect to find a better iPod video converter for the Mac. I would rate it as a definite 9 out of 10.

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