Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter Review

Accelerate DVD to iPod ConverterThe Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter is aptly named, because it does provide a very high speed of conversion. It can convert a whole DVD movie into the iPod format within as little as half an hour, which is certainly the fastest speed in the world for DVD to iPod movie conversion. The software takes all the DVD formats and converts it into formats that are ready for use on the iPod, including the higher-end MPEG 4 format.

With the fast speed that the Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter provides for the conversion, this software is already a winner. What’s more is the simplicity of the entire process. The entire conversion is done mostly with single clicking, and there are no mid types in between. The program also allowing for cropping and sizing the video in several modes – you can use the widescreen 16:9 format, the 4:3 format and even the full-screen format.  You can download a free version to test before you buy it too!

If you think about the efficiency of the task (not just speed and simplicity), even then you will be impressed because the program converts the whole DVD to a single iPod video file which helps the management of it all.

The interface is extremely minimalist and simple to use. There are mostly single-click functions, and there is also a feature by which if you stop anywhere in the playback, you can play and check the result. Of course, there is a preview window too, which allows you to check the progress of the conversions taking place.

There are few contentions though. The very minimalist design is off-putting to most professional users. This converter is priced at $30 and personally I feel the price is fair for such a product.. The quality may not be on par, but the high speed of conversion compensates for most of these shortcomings.

The Accelerate DVD to iPod Converter gets 8.5 on 10 on my evaluation scale.

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