Avex DVD Ripper Platinum Review

Avex DVD Ripper PlatinumYou will find a lot of advertisement and promotion material for the Avex DVD Ripper Platinum on the Internet claiming that is the fastest DVD ripper available on the planet. Now, is it really? The answer is probably yes.

Probably because, the Avex DVD Ripper Platinum is commendably fast, going up to thrice the ripping speed of the low-end rippers available in the market today. You can test out the speed for yourself by downloading and installing the free trial version.

But, at the same time, you must know that there are a lot of other software applications out there today that are doing the same thing. Then why should you buy this one?

Perhaps the quality of the video and audio will entice you. There is absolutely no loss of quality when you are ripping the movies onto your hard disk. Most DVD rippers fail when the movies are compressed, and certainly, there is a loss of quality with the Avex DVD Ripper Platinum too, but it is not much to speak about. You can even reduce movies to fit onto 128 MB memory cards quite passably.

The interface is quite easy to use too, which you can term as quite minimalist. Though this adds to its one-click usability, it looks boring to the new user. Despite that, professional users will like this simplicity.

Currently, the best thing about getting the Avex DVD Ripper is that you can get a whole package of four different products. You get the DVD Ripper of course, but you also get a DVD to iPod Converter, a DVD to PSP Converter and a DVD to Zune Converter. Considering the entire package, the Avex DVD Ripper Platinum is one of the best buys in the market. By the way, the price of the entire package is $45, which would have individually cost upwards of $150 in the retail market.

For its various features, workhorse performance, user-friendliness and low pricing, I feel the Avex DVD Ripper Platinum deserves 9 out of 10. It is a good buy considering the other products the market has to offer. 

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