DvdXsoft iPod Video Converter: How good is it?

DvdXsoft iPod Video Converter is a conversion program for iPods. It allows the use to take video/movies and convert them to a suitable format for viewing on any iPod. It has supports for both H.264 and XVid, but can do almost any video formats.

The DvdXsoft iPod Video Converter is also remarkably easy to use and offers great video and audio quality for all conversions. The interface provides all of the options in the foreground, removing the need to hunt for the option you are looking for. Editing is also easy and offers simple tools to meet all of your needs.

With an input/out preview, all users will be able to preview their conversions during the actual converting process and stop the process at any time if they so choose. You are even able to manually select certain frames or clips and edit them as desired. You can even add or remove subtitles!

DvdXsoft iPod Video Converter also comes with an easy to use video capture function and the ability to drag and drop files directly into the program. You can select any files you wish to add into your conversion and use your mouse to move that file right into the program for you to edit and convert.

And with so many beginning level or professional levels to choose from in editing options, all users are set to be able to change any file they need to in order to show a client or merely enjoy one of their latest creations on their iPods. The input feature also allows you to download a friend’s conversion into DvdXsoft iPod Video Converter and make changes and adjustments yourself; adapting it to your own tastes for the next time you use your iPod.

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