isofter DVD Ripper Review: DVD Ripping was never so easy!

isofter DVD ripper is an easy tool to download movies in common formats available on most computers. This software supports DVD conversion to AVI, DivX, XviD, VCD, WMV; MPEG4 format video files. The software can rip a huge file in just 5 minutes. This feature helps our younger generation to save time without sacrificing the quality of video and audio from a DVD. isofter ripper DVD is an advanced software with cool features like ripping only selected chapters of video from the DVD with start and stop timestamp.

Now, you can have superior audio and video ripping using isofter DVD ripper from your favorite DVDs without worrying about scratching your old DVD. Isofter DVD ripper is suited for beginners and veteran users. It can auto detect the CPU and ripping is done at super fast speed. It supports Intel Pentium D Dua- core processor as well as AMD Athlon 64X 2 Dual-core processor for both the novice and advanced computer user.

isofter DVD ripper has built in encoder/decoder and requires no other software once in any format. It has an intuitive user features and ripping can be achieved with just a few clicks of the mouse. The default feature enables ripping from Isofter DVD ripper a breeze for any parameters you can select from a dropdown menu. The software is both windows XP and vista compatible for use with old and newer laptops and desktop computers.

The isofter DVD ripper has excellent reviews and you can also download a free trial and try it before buying the software. The software is priced low so everybody can own a advanced software without worrying about how to learn to use the software. The software is available at the website for $34.95

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