POP DVD to iPOD Converter Review: The Top Class Cutting Edge Converter

I must confess that I am a lover of all things that exhibit cutting edge technology. Beside using my mobile phone to make essential calls and send short text messages, my trusty smart phone is also my PC, music and video player, fax machine and portable gaming hub. You can definitely tell that I am always on the move outside and am rarely indoors (much to my parents’ chagrin).

I regularly catch up with the latest movies on my iPod Touch. I would regularly purchase DVDs of movies I like and watch them happily on the trusty iPod just like how I would do so if I were home. And how is that possible you ask? With the DVD to iPOD Converter of course!

This highly hand software converts DVD files to formats readable by any iPod device. The best part about DVD to iPOD Converter is that I can cut parts and segments of the DVD videos and send it over to my iPod only by specifying the start time and end time prior to conversion.

DVD to iPOD Converter also lets me adjust the video bitrate and audio bitrate of the files in output. This allows me to customize the video quality I desire each time during conversion process, which incidentally is very quick and does not lag at all! I can enjoy DVD movies to MPEG4 format that is playable on my iPod without losing quality even when I watch it on a smaller screen.

The user interface on the DVD to iPOD Converter is a no-nonsense affair and is not stuffed with unnecessary frills. The icons and instructions are crystal clear making DVD conversion with this software a great experience!

Offered at the economical price of 29.95 USD, this makes a great buy for you especially if you are crazy of innovative things. This product gets 9 rating out of 10 on my rating chart.

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