dvd ripping – DVD Converter Downloads http://dvdconverterdownloads.com Convert DVD to iPod, Zune, PSP, iPhone and Other Formats! Wed, 24 Feb 2010 22:23:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 321Soft DVD Ripper Review http://dvdconverterdownloads.com/321soft-dvd-ripper-review/ Sat, 26 Apr 2008 18:13:17 +0000 http://dvdconverterdownloads.com/321soft-dvd-ripper-review/ DVD RipperConversion and ripping of DVDs was never as easy as what 321Soft DVD Ripper makes it out to be. A simple yet powerful tool for converting your favorite DVD movies to video file formats, which you can view on your computer or other media devices, 321Soft DVD Ripper is extremely easy to obtain and use at a price of only $29.95.

Video file formats such as MPEG, AVI, SVCD, and VCD can be fully ripped from your DVDs directly with just a few clicks of your mouse. The high-speed algorithm does the work for you with excellent video and audio quality while you just sit back and relax. Support for many additional features such as choosing language audio, subtitles, choices between NTSC and PAL can also be made. A Free trial offer is also available to test it out.

Video editing of the ripped files can also be done with great ease with 321Soft DVD Ripper so that you can get your customized video output. Parameters such as zoom, resizing, cropping can be done in a jiffy. Preset formats of four different modes allow you to get standardized video size. Output to various AVI codecs are also supported allowing you to customize the size of the output file.

At $29.95, this software packs simplicity and power all in one. With limited features but good performance, I will rate this software at 8 out on the scale of  1 to 10.

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WonderShare DVD Ripper Platinum Review http://dvdconverterdownloads.com/wondershare-dvd-ripper-platinum-review/ Mon, 07 Apr 2008 23:35:32 +0000 http://dvdconverterdownloads.com/wondershare-dvd-ripper-platinum-review/ Wondershare DVD RipperFirst, let us see whether the WonderShare DVD Ripper Platinum is really worth a buy or not. Any software is worth a buy if it can perform the tasks it claims too, without unnecessarily slowing down the system or showing up ugly bugs. In that regard, yes WonderShare DVD Ripper Platinum is a fair enough buy. What creates a better impression of the product in the market is its relatively low pricing. The package is priced at an impressive $39, which in comparison with what it can do is a satisfactorily healthy price. A Free trial version is also available which is a nice way to compare the features without actually making the purchase up front.

The WonderShare DVD Ripper Platinum is a software application that can rip DVDs for other formats of playback. You can convert the DVD formats into any other format that you want to have – mpegs 3 and 4, avi, mov, wmv, wma, mpg, aac, asf and many more. That means, you can change your DVD movies to make them playable on virtually any other kind of a player system including iPods, iPhones, Zune, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and PSP and so many more.

Performance wise, WonderShare DVD Ripper Platinum does live up to its name. on faster computers, the software can convert the movies pretty fast and that too to good qualities that you would not mind sharing with others.

You can also edit the movies in a number of ways. You can size your movies by trimming and cropping them as per your wish. You can even split a single movie into various segments, or join various movies into a single long-running movie. The best part of this software application is that you can take individual shots of the movie and save them in picture formats such as jpg and bmp. This allows you to make a picture gallery of your movies if you want.

The WonderShare DVD Ripper Platinum works quite well if you have a fast-running computer and a good quality source file. It scores at 8.5 out of 10 on my scale. 

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