VSO Copy To DVD Review: Now Backing Up Your Files Is Just A Click Away!

CopyToDVD is the ultimate C and DVD backing up solution created by none other than VSO Software with a rating of 8.5 out of 10! Now backing up CDs, DVDs, music, games and other data files is just a click away…

This great piece of software is a perfect blend of performance, speed and simplicity and will let you archive any sort of data using just this software alone. CopyToDVD supports Windows shell integration or FileDepot technology that allow different ways to create CDs and DVDs. The nice thing is that it provides voice notifications too so that the user doesn’t get bored so easily!

This program gives way to a smart data analyzer which suggests the best data output format be it CD or DVD for varying needs of its customers. With CopytoDVD CD/DVD backup software, save your files as hard copies, schedule backups for specific days and burn your audio files (MP3, Ogg etc) to CD to play on any CD Player and far more!

Some of the salient features of CopyToDVD comprise creating audio CDs from MP3 Vorgis formats etc. Creating data CDs from formats like ISO and Joliet with an option for multi session. It also allows creation of high quality DVD video backups and copying them with high playability. This software is rather customizable too! There is hardware support for CDs, DVDs and blu ray writers. It also features latest technologies like HD-Burn and Double besides providing for multilingual support. These are just some of the features of CopyToDVD!

This software can be purchased for just 29 euros prior to which you can opt for a free trial!

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