WinXmedia DVD Ripper Review: Manipulating DVD Ripping Options!

WinXmedia DVD Ripper is one of the more powerful and convenient DVD video converting software available in the market. Manufactured by WinXMedia (McAfee) it sells at a price tag of no more than 29$!

WinXmedia DVD Ripper converts DVD to MPEG1 aka VCD, to MPEG2 aka SVCD etc. Besides opening DVD and ISO formats, WinXMedia DVD Ripper can also open MPEG and VOB files. This software is capable of splitting large video files into smaller volumes according to the user’s needs. You can even slice out particular instances or groups of instances using this software from the timeline to make smaller and more relevant videos.

It even provides a deinterlace filter and luminance filter. In fact, you can even select audio tracks and convert subtitles. Last but not the least, WinXMedia DVD Ripper gives you the opportunity to set the resolution of your videos.

Needless to say, WinXMedia DVD Ripper is a gem of software, which is easy to use and yet offers powerful and advanced video output and the like features right out of the box! So the next time you come from a function and want to get the videos compiled right and don’t have the professional fellow at your call, just install WinXMedia DVD Ripper and do everything he would do yourself. It won’t be that difficult once you get the hang of it which shouldn’t take too long either!

In short, WinXMedia DVD Ripper is powerful DVD manipulating and ripping software which is easy to use and offers many other features too!

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