Xilisoft DVD Copy Express Review

The Xilisoft DVD Copy Express is a DVD copy program as its name suggests, but it provide much more than you expect out of it, and that is a fact. Firstly, it is a fast DVD copier (not the fastest though) and is quite easy to use. The copier runs in a stable manner, without freezing or crashing in between, and without even drastically lowering the quality of the video that is produced as the output.

The main function of the Xilisoft DVD Copy Express is copying DVDs, but it is also performs tasks of burning DVDs, making backup copies (the same thing actually) and cloning them. Since there are two DVD formats available nowadays, the DVD-5 (4.7 GB) and the DVD-9 (8.5 GB), it is important to see how it functions across these formats too. The Xilisoft program is good for DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-5 to DVD-9 and DVD-9 to DVD-5 copying, which takes care of the entire range.

The best part is that the program allows for copy in 1:1 ratio, without loss of any quality and keeps everything quite intact. The program allows an exact clone of the DVD to be made, including the titles, subtitles, menus and the audio tracks. It allows the copying of both the NTSC and PAL video modes.

One interesting feature that you might like is that you can remove the region codes that are embedded in almost all movie DVDs. You can even create your own region codes for the movie. Even for movies that have a CSS encryption into them, you can remove these and clone your DVDs.

If you have liked the features of the Xilisoft DVD Copy Express so far, you are bound to like the price too. Xilisoft has priced this product at $35. With other similar products being priced at close to $60, this can be surely considered a very worthy buy. For its features, speed, user-friendliness and economical price, we rate Xilisoft DVD Copy Express at 9.5 out of 10.  

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