Yasa DVD Ripper Platinum 2.8 Review

Yasa DVD RipperWhen looking for an easy to use DVD converter, Yasa DVD Ripper Platinum 2.8 is the perfect choice. You are provided with everything you need to heighten your DVD watching experience. It is also perfect for making a “child friendly” copy of a DVD. Some DVDs will have stories with great morals and good acting, but they also have one or two scenes that you would not be okay with your child viewing.

Using this program, you can easily take those scenes out and make a version of your DVD that your children can enjoy while not being introduces to things that may be negative. You are also able to change the tempo or speed of the DVD or specific scenes or parts of the movie.

If you are looking to make yourself a soundtrack of a movie or a CD to listen to in the car, you are able to separate make purely audio formats.

Some of the newest DVD converters do not have many files or programs that they support, but Yasa DVD Ripper Platinum 2.8 has a large variety of files that it supports including:
• RM
• DivX
• And much more!

Unlike some of the other DVD converter systems, this system is easy to use and does not require professional experience to be able to enhance you DVD watching experience or edit your DVDs in the ways that you see fit.

With the YASA DVD Ripper Platinum 2.8 providing expert options of quality, just about any person could use it and make their DVD be just the way that they want it. This program is also great for professionals and has enough power and functionality to make even the most seasoned of individuals pleased in their choice.

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